the pressures of school
the changes you see as you get older, maturity overall benefits you as a person
faced by challenges in life, yet it can be overcome

Over the last five years you will have had a number of experiences that have shaped
you as an individual. Reflect on what you have gained from these experiences to
create a speech that will call your peers to action in order to live a life less ordinary.

The struggles of a young adolescent. School, walking buckets of hormones, exaggeration, “my kilt is too long,” “my hair is not straight enough”, “I wonder if he likes me?”. A small issue becomes enough to “ruin my life”, run to our rooms and never speak to anyone ever again. Down the track, officially an adult, 18 years of age. Finally finishing what was started. Our main issue involves finding ourselves stuck in the pressure of the ‘big’ decision. A decision made within a matter of months that ultimately determines our near yet also distant future. A decision thats obligatory if we want to “succeed” and be “an asset to humanity”. A decision. “What do you want to be when you grow up” is the closest it’s ever been, and suddenly we are finding ourselves actually considering what this question means, and how to reply to this, rather than stating a profession that earns a salary that’s most likely unobtainable. Im going to be an astronaut. I’m going to be a an actress. I’m going to be a famous guitarist.

Changes. Differences. A recurring thing that we are experiencing in our day to day lives. The scale of their importance varying, yet each choice and decision we make sculpts us as the person we are today and who we will see tomorrow, or next month, or in 5 years time. Our enfeeble stage of adolescence has officially blown over, disappeared, leaving us to deal with the bullshit, the realness of life, adulthood, all on our own. After 18 years of living this should be something that we are prepared to take on. So, is it that our schooling experience has changed us? Are we mature enough? Are we ready to look past the every day routine and enter the big wide world? forget dependence?

The pressures of schooling. Something all of us have thrived, or starved through, 13 years to be exact. Growing from vulnerable, naive, unaware of the events that would create us and destroy us, all that occurred in the exact 13 years of school. This can imply we really are all quite similar, the same. The same system, the same school, the same teachers, the same. Yet, though all of us have endured the same shit as each other, school has had the ability to change us.

the benefits of end of adolescence.
Albert Einstein once quoted “I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” The end of adolescence is often something that is learnt to be frightening, or a period of time in which we hold all control of the way we live. However, reaching the daunting age of independence is something of which gives us great individuality and as Einstein describes, a time where being cast into the open, alone, is something to be valued.

the effect of decisions

how to live a life less ordinary, lessons that i have learned and can teach to others

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  1. There are nice ideas in this, Lily.
    Just get the substance in it. Maybe look to bring in perspectives and then keep revisiting the task’s specifics to keep you on track.

  2. Hi Lily,

    Just sticking to the task’s specifics and looking to drive this forward for your audience is needed now.


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